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Our mission at Boadicea the Victorious is to bring premium and unique perfumes to the market place. The quality of the perfume juice is at the very heart of our brand.  We strive to use as many natural components as possible and ensure the fragrances are highly concentrated to give our clients the ultimate perfume experience.

At Boadicea the Victorious we adopt an individualist approach.  We have a wide range of perfumes all of which are non gender specific.  This allows you to be who you want to be – demonstrating freedom of expression. We do not pigeon hole our fragrances; they represent something different for each person experiencing them.  This makes Boadicea the Victorious truly unforgettable.

As a  luxury British brand, we champion our heroine and our British foundations.  It is fundamental to our cause that all Boadicea the Victorious components are made within the UK. Each bottle has handcrafted elements, provided by some of the oldest and highly skilled manufacturers still existing within the UK today.

The luxury perfume collection includes raw and precious ingredients sourced from around the globe, but the creators of these scents are some of the finest perfumers from British shores. We celebrate our island nation in the creation of every Boadciea the Victorious product – this we believe makes us a stand out brand.

We strive to be an independent fragrance house that brings a bespoke feel to our consumer. Taking inspiration from a defining moment in British history and creating a range that is quintessentially British and of incomparable quality.

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