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The Pewter Collection

Pewter has long formed an integral part to Boadicea the Victorious' iconic bottles, a pewter adorned shield fast became the brands’ signature. It is therefore fitting that we celebrate this precious metal in our newest offering of mesmerising eau de perfumes: The Pewter Collection. As a niche British perfumery we champion our heritage with our love affair with pewter. Indeed, it is a metal of value and is traded on the world's metal exchange; but more than this, pewter has been used for the production of items since Roman times, indeed used during the reign of our namesake Queen Boadicea. All of our pewter is handcrafted by one of the oldest pewter manufactures to remain in the world. Pewter is loved for its enormous versatility, lending itself to gentle shapes as well as undulating forms. It is elegant and luxurious and can be finished with soft lustre or as exhibited here - with dazzling brilliance.